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Menswear Monday: Best Summer Looks

 Happy Monday Guys! I hope you had an fantastic summer. I've had the pleasure of attending many fashion related events these hot summer months and the guys are wining! Summer time is the  hardest  time to stay cool and look put together when its 90 plus degrees outside. So when I see a guy in a suit looking great with all the elements working against him I have to take notice. This summer I made people watching a game, but just watching the guys. "Sorry, but the guys were so much more interested. I loved it! I saw more red bottoms on men than women. The guys were wearing the luxury brand with ease and style. You know I love a fashion lions, but my radar usually  goes up in the fall and winter months. Fall and Winter brings sweaters, blazers, outerwear, boots , suits, wools and cashmeres.  But never in the summer would I go on a hunt for fashion lions. I can not believe what I've been missing.  Brands like Tom Ford, Balmain, Roberto Cavalli, Gucci, Hermes, Mac Jacob,