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Men's Wear Monday " The walking shorts"

Hello Guys, Men's Wear Monday is here, I know its still cold in most places. But in the fashion world spring is here. If you are out and about in your favorite stores you will see spring collections are on the racks . The stores are ready for the Easter outfits and the spring break shopping. "So I thought this was the perfect time to talk  about the walking short. I've never been a fan of a men is short shorts or super baggy shorts. I will always love the walking shorts. Let me give you some reason, 1. you show just enough leg ( upper thigh is a bit to much leg) 2. Its both causal or dressy 3.A classic style 4. Every brand has a walking short 5.You can carry your wallet and keys with ease 6. I just love them! Off course I like what I like, but you know what's best for you just please, NO Short Shorts !        

NYFW16 Hot or Cold??

So I didn't make it to New York Fashion Week this time, I will definitely will  be there in September . But my favorite bloggers had me in the mixed. I felt like I was there, but just much warmer! Sorry but everyone looks very cold over the weekend is was 1 and 2 degrees the beginning  of Fashion Week. I don't know how these Girls stay stylish and fashionable in these temperature. I see  pictures with sleeveless tops, mini skirts and no socks or hosery! For the love of Fashion put some clothes on. Sorry its makes me cold! I'm in South Florida the pictures are very  graphic! Okay enough of me being silly! EVERYONE LOOKED FABULOUS! Here are some of my favorites celebrities in their weather best!

Men's Wear Monday " Color Blazing or Not?

Happy Men's Wear Monday I'm back! "So lets get down to business, the spring 2016 collections are is the stores now! I couldn't help but notice the color palettes for men's blazers is a crazy explosion of skittles color candy! I walked the mall for exercise off course and I was drawn to the blazers , the colors were new ,playful, fresh and bold. My eyes are were unsure how to respond, so I guy watched in one of my favorite department store. Guess what? They were trying on all the different colors  the  salmon, yellow, pink, mint green, purple etc. I was shocked and very entertained. Some guys were happy and excited to see the colors but some were down right offended by all the color.   I definitely agree with both sides, not a good place to be as a stylist, but it's all depends on you. If colorful blazers is not your thing its ok! But if you like color and pinks and yellows don't scare you than Happy Birthday! Spring 2016 is your season!