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Men's Wear Monday " Vested"

Happy Men's Wear Monday Well guys its been 2 weeks, I hope you've been making some good fashion decisions without me. I'm working on some amazing projects for 2016. I can't wait to share! Now down to business!! As you all know I'm truly vested in your style. I see a world of all fashion lions. The Vest is and article of clothing that is always there in every store, not fussy at all . You really don't have to break the bank to add one or two to your wardrobe .I personally feel like every guy should own a vest. The vest may be that one piece that ties your look together. It goes well with  slacks or jeans and a button down shirt. You still look  put together without having to wear a blazer. I love a little swag with the vest off course color, texture and style. A fashion Lion know his style, so shop your favorite brands if you don't already have one.      

FENDI Fall 2015 "OH MY!

Fall 2015 FENDI I paid a visit to my favorite fashion house Fall 2015 look book to get a taste of Fall . Why you may ask because I live in South Florida.  FENDI left me speechless, the leather is unbelievable, the colors and textures are brilliant. OMG! I want to wear everything. Which would be suicide in the 80 plus degrees fall weather we are having here in South Florida.  Sad Face!!!!   Every year I promise myself a holiday/ birthday splurge, this year I know who and what.  FENDI Fall 2015 is love!!!!.... And one thing I do know  FENDI Shoes loves Floridians .