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  Miami Beacon Council Blog Post… Title : Look out Miami’s gathering all key ingredients for a collaborative business 2 business environment Written by: UpRizing LLC "Collaboration - the ultimate intertwining of skills, passions & knowledge - is what concocts the most shatterproof forms of changemaking" Ian Somerhalder One of the things I think of, when I think of Miami is all the different restaurant optionality’s. You have all different types based on culture, and I started to notice in the restaurant business how they are starting to infuse different cultures with their dishes. In reading an article recently it featured a Miami restaurant called Balloo by owner Timon Balloo. The restaurant had theme cuisine of Chinese, Indian & Trinidadian fusion which when reading that I was thinking to myself; I need to try this place or would love to try it. Can you imagine all those different food groups or spices & how the food was taken up a notch just by infusing