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Menswear Monday: Leather Pants!

Hello Guys, I'm back and today is Menswear Monday. This subject is a little touchy but necessary before the fall season approaches. How do you wear Leather Pants? Lol!! Yes I'm back!! The million dollar question is why Leather Pants? Well, I can't tell you why but I can give you my opinion on how those Leather Pants should look.  Any man who chooses to wear leather pants has his own expectation. Whether he wants to feel sexy, mucho or fashionable in his mind Leather Pants will give him that look. This is definitely a confident purchase, this guy is very sure about himself and is not afraid of what anyone thinks. We really like this guy for his boldness and confidence, he is definitely a Fashion Lion. But before I sing all his praises the look must be well thought out. Lions are known for watching and observing before they go in for the kill. These Fashion Lions Killed it!!

Fashion Lion:R&B singer Monica Brown

This Fashion Lion is for all my R&B fans, you can not talk about style and fashion without the mention of  Monica . I'm a little bit older than Monica but I feel like I grew up with her. She is always dressed in the later designer fashions, but never following trends. The one thing I admire about Monica is her sense of  style and how confident she is in her own skin. She is a Fashion Lion and role model to many and this Fashion Lion take her position seriously. Monica is a mother of three beautiful children, wife, artist and businesswomen. When it comes to style she is always a Fashion Lion. We love Monica Brown at M.E.F. Style Report , we secretly want her to start her own apparel line! Why not? Check out some of our favorite looks.