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Men's Wear Monday " Vested"

Happy Men's Wear Monday
Well guys its been 2 weeks, I hope you've been making some good fashion decisions without me. I'm working on some amazing projects for 2016. I can't wait to share!

Now down to business!! As you all know I'm truly vested in your style. I see a world of all fashion lions. The Vest is and article of clothing that is always there in every store, not fussy at all . You really don't have to break the bank to add one or two to your wardrobe .I personally feel like every guy should own a vest. The vest may be that one piece that ties your look together. It goes well with  slacks or jeans and a button down shirt. You still look  put together without having to wear a blazer. I love a little swag with the vest off course color, texture and style. A fashion Lion know his style, so shop your favorite brands if you don't already have one.

FENDI Fall 2015 "OH MY!

Fall 2015 FENDI I paid a visit to my favorite fashion house Fall 2015 look book to get a taste of Fall . Why you may ask because I live in South Florida.  FENDI left me speechless, the leather is unbelievable, the colors and textures are brilliant. OMG! I want to wear everything. Which would be suicide in the 80 plus degrees fall weather we are having here in South Florida.  Sad Face!!!! Every year I promise myself a holiday/ birthday splurge, this year I know who and what.  FENDI Fall 2015 is love!!!!.... And one thing I do know  FENDI Shoes loves Floridians .

Behind the scenes Fashion Photoshoot at Bella Collina.

Sean O'Toole Photography : Behind the Scenes Redux:

Rebecca Minkoff Fall 2015

Rebecca Minkoff is one of those designer that's been around for years , but your just didn't know.  In 2001 Rebecca designed a version of the “I Love New York” t-shirt as part of a five-piece capsule collection, that appeared on The Tonight Show and became an overnight success. Today, Rebecca Minkoff has developed into a global lifestyle brand with a wide range of accessories, footwear, apparel, handbags and jewelry as well as men’s leather goods under the label Ben Minkoff. Fall 2015 is looking sexy and playful. I love the color palette for this collection blues, brown, orange ,burgundy and off course the greys black and white. Fall 2015 is about making a statement, this collection is subtle but impactful . Take a look at my favorites.

You and find Rebecca Minkoff in Sak's Fifth Ave, Nordstrom, Bloomingdales &Neiman Marcus

Men's Wear Monday "Three Piece Suit"

Happy Men' Wear Monday! The Three Piece Suit has been trending for a few years now. I love this shift of more men getting dress up in suits. Suits are no longer for funerals, weddings and interviews it can be your everyday look casual or formal. Guys you have more options now , so can get dress up and still look and feel like themselves. The Three Piece Suit is for a men that can wear the suit not the suit wearing him. I say this because you have three major items the blazer, vest and slacks. This look can easily swallow you up. So you have to be confident and find the right suit to fit your style. Always stay true to yourself try colors can textures you may find your inner " Fashion Lion".

Photos courtesy of  Pinterest and GQ Magazine.

Men's Wear Monday" The Almighty Leather Jacket"

"Happy Men's Wear Monday" OMG! Guys, fall weather has begun.  What a great time to pull out "The Almighty Leather Jacket". Again I live in Florida so I'm visualizing , but a great leather jacket is a must for the fall.  Guys have fun, try different colors and even some texture. The leather jacket has evolved for men, you have so many shapes and colors to choose from. No more just the black biker jacket ,blazer or  bomber . Please shop around get a statement piece, a great leather jacket makes any look you are going for sexy! I'm a girl I can say that!  Ok!Ok, handsome and well put together.  

Fashion Lion "Madonna"

MADONNA! MADONNA! MADONNA! Fashion Icon, Fashion Pioneer, Fashion Lion! What can I say about this fashion lion that already hasn't been said? Madonna is Fashion! She  changed the fashion world in the 80's & 90's and still reminds relevant in 2015. Her music and fashion changed how women view their sexuality. Madonna made sexiness good and bad at the same time. Every woman across the globe wanted to be as fashionable and stylish as Madonna. To be a true Fashion Lion you must be bold, confident and fearless. Madonna!

NYFW- Phillip Lim Spring 2016

Phillip Lim  Spring 2016  My favorite looks from this collection  are fill with colors and textures. The designs are smart and chic and also a bit playful. I love the layering which gives the clothes movement and dimension. I'm ready for Spring 16!