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Men's Wear Monday" Flower Guy"

Happy Men's Wear Monday!   I hope you all had a great weekend. Now back to business "Yes, Ties again!" Not just your average solid colors, or polka dots and the traditional paisley ties. Let open our minds to Floral print Ties! "Come on guys you can wear floral print! I know we just met but I know you are man enough to wear a floral print here and there every now and then right ?   Let's just say I'm right! One because I love menswear and two because I always want you to look your best. Floral ties are a great option to add a little newness or swag to your wardrobe. I will admit floral prints are not for every man , but you are not every man .   Floral Ties are not so much a new trend, its commonly seen wore by groomsmen in a wedding party. But forget the Wedding Party. What about to work, on a date, or with jeans?  You know at any event you will probably be the only one with a Floral Tie,so try it out and see what kind of reaction you get. If I

Keep Fall Simple!

It's about that time to start getting  ready for the FALL!  "Oh how I love the FALL, so sad I live in South Florida! This is the season to add layers, cover those toes and go back to unlimited options in fashion .The end of August is when I would pack up my summer clothes, and pull out my darker colors,  sweaters and all my leather. Yes I miss it!!!! Once I unpack, I would  keep it simple. What do I keep and what  do I update?  Keep it simple see what's out, and trending and if it fits your style. The basic items I tend to keep and last year trends or odd and ends I would update. Buying new accessories is the easiest way to update your wardrobe without  breaking the bank. But be smart about it, if you love your trendy pieces from last year keep it ,its yours. Keep it simple and always have fun ,Vogue September issue will be on the stands soon for more additional help! Winter coat - Keep Leather Jacket, pants and skirt - keep( I love leather) Fashion Jacket - update

Men's Wear Monday "Fancy Feet!"

Happy Men's Wear Monday" We have more men's accessories to cover this Monday. Please be patient! These accessories ideas are just some suggestions on how to spice up your wardrobe. So we know from my last post your "Shoe Game" is very important to your wardrobe. But the perfect pair of Sock makes your "Shoe Games" more interesting and well put together. Your Style is a complete image of you. When you get dress your looks is from your head to your toes. So "YES" Sock are important ! The old faithful black dress sock will no longer fly. FYI: Please never wear White socks , never , never! Always start slow if you only have black or white socks in your wardrobe. You can try small patterns or safe colors like browns, blues and greys.  But NO white socks PLEASE!                  

Men's Wear Monday "Shoe Game"

  Happy Men's Wear Monday!   I will like to thank you all for the overwhelming support for my blog especially Men's Wear Monday. Now down to business! I've been focusing on Men's Accessories because its an easy way to add a little spice and life to your wardrobe. But today I wanted to talk about a key component to every wardrobe. The world wants to believe only women are concern with  footwear, but that is so far from the truth. Guys you know you look down at another guy's shoes  just as much as the ladies do.  If you don't already know I love menswear! So a well dressed man gives me "Fashion Joy" but a well dressed man with a crazy shoe game is Life." I know I'm a bit dramatic but great shoes are orgasmic for all genders!   Shoes are important to your wardrobe and any outfit, but don't forget to have fun with it. Color and Textures gives your look dimension. Color allows you to stand out for all  my "Fashion Lions".

Open Letter to : American Fashion Leaders

Dear American Fashion Leaders,   As the years go by I've grown to appreciate you more and more each day!  Designers   come and go but you remain true to fashion. You all have great success stories but your story didn't make you great!  Perfecting your talents made  you great and successful! As we approach New York Fashion week in less than 30 days . I just wanted to reflect on the past , lets go back 15 years. In 2000, New York Fashion Week wasn't about stars, paparazzi, after parties bloggers and fashionista.  Fashion Week was about fashion!   I was new to New York back then and I had the privilege of  working across the street from Bryant Park. As a student of fashion I knew what was going on in the tents. The rest of the world was kind of clueless. There  were some  commotion in and around the city but not  like now, these days its like Fashion Super Bowl . Buyers, editors, fashion leaders in the retail world sat in the front row.  PR agencies worked their ass o

"Fashion Lion" RIHANNA

" So in my post about Handbags I talked about being a "Fashion Lion" not a "Fashion Lamb".  We all know  the lion is a leader  and the lamb is a follower. I always try to encourage students of fashion , stylist, fashion enthusiast  and any and everyone to take fashion risk.Be the first even if it fails at least you were the first to try something new or different. Fashion is fun and a brilliant way to be heard without saying a word. My favorite " Fashion Lion" is the ever so Fashionable , I don't give a f**k what you think RIHANNA !!!  RIHANNA gives me Fashion Joy every time she steps out. I love her attitude ,her  body that's always Fashion ready any day of the week. She is leading in the fashion world of risk takers. Unfortunately its not much competition out there for her , so she take the lead and knocks it out the park every time.  I will go toe to toe for this " Fashion Lion ." Rihanna is Fashion!