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NYFW- Phillip Lim Spring 2016

     Phillip Lim  Spring 2016  My favorite looks from this collection  are fill with colors and textures. The designs are smart and chic and also a bit playful. I love the layering which gives the clothes movement and dimension. I'm ready for Spring 16!  

Men's Wear Monday " Watch Guy"

Happy Men's Wear Monday!   Lets get down to business, time is of the essence! Lol!  Lets talk about your time piece. The watch is one of the accessories you most have in your wardrobe. Actually, you need more the one. You most have an everyday watch, and a dressy watch a splurge usually a brand like Gucci, Omega, Rolex, Cartier, TAG Heuer etc.      Your watch tells so much about your personal. For one a watch tells how serious you are about your time.( It gives you BOSS Status).  In a world of unlimited technology you don't have to wear a watch, but you should!! A watch  completes your look, it makes you look professional, smart and mature. Grow up and get a watch, stop depending on your cell phone or the clock in your car. Get dress and don't forget your time piece.            

Men's Wear Monday " Straight Jeans verses Skinny Jeans "

Happy Men’s Wear Monday Straight Jeans verses Skinny Jeans! Guys you always have choice. You should never feel like you have to keep up with times by wearing clothes that makes you look or feel uncomfortable.  Please remember it’s all about your personal style and taste. Skinny Jeans are not for every man. And "Yes" I'm Pro Straight Jeans, but if skinny jeans are worn right, on the right body type they can be fashionable, stylish etc. I do not believe there is an age limited to how you should dress, but I do believe your body type should have a lot to do with what type of clothes you wear. I know I'm always pushing you to be a fashion lions by this topic is super sensitive. Some days I want to walk around the city with spare pairs of straight jeans for those guys that got it wrong that day. It's not their fault, it could be their egos, girlfriend or boyfriend giving them very bad advice. Or maybe they just got caught up in the moment when all the fashio

Recap: Style Fashion Week 2015

Style Fashion Week September 10th-12th 2015 The location Gotham Hall, Grand Ballroom  main stage   70’ x  8’ runway where 23 designers showcased their collections for Spring 2016 . All three days were jammed packed with fashion onlookers full with excitement with cell phone in hand . This was my first time attending Style Fashion Week during New York Fashion Week.  I would definitely attend again. The fashion  shows were great, the location superb ,designs inspirational and  "yes, I did  highlighted  my favorites off course."        UWI TWINS   MARCO MARCO       ESOSA SANTA CLARA MODA       QUYNH PARIS    

Men's Wear Monday" You are Suspended"

Happy Men's Wear Monday!    Let me start off by saying "I had an amazing time at New York Fashion Week this weekend . Back to business: This post is a request from a loyal follower. In the 2 months I've been writing my blog this person has been encouraging and very insightful. We had a short conversation about suspenders a week ago  and I thought great this is my next post.   I can't say this accessory is for every man, and most men don't even own suspenders. But you have to like suspenders or at least be willing to try them.  Suspenders add a  professional,fun and smart look to your wardrobe. This men's wear accessory has to be worn with confidence because this is a statement piece. One thing I can say about a man in suspenders is he definitely looks smart and handsome!          

Men's Wear Monday " Fall Guys"

"Happy Men's Wear Day Monday" "And Yes its Wednesday!" Soooo Labor Day wasn't Monday and Tuesday??? .....o!   Back to business, It's fall Guys! Fall has begun,  it's by far the best wardrobe season of the year.   I know I've been going on about accessories, but for Fall I have to jump right in. My first order of business is the Fall Coat. This is not your warm snow coat, or your do everything in the cold winter coat. This is your "Fall Coat" it's your  trendy, stylish, accent piece,in other words its your dress coat. This coat should be a brand you love and a refection of  your personal style. This is your adult Swag piece,  for those fall days when the outfit is just right .   Fall is Fashion! Get excited! In the winter when you layer its to keep you warm.  Fall is the season to show of your style its not too hot and its not too cold , you can layer under your fall coat and Swag out. Don't be afraid to try colors