NYFW: Son Jung Wan’s Spring 2020 Collection

As you all know I attended NYFW Sept 5th -9th. My goals is always to offer my clients a true Fashion week experience and report on my favorite fashion shows. But London, Paris Milan Fashion Week has put me in fashion overload. I've been following my favorite fashion bloggers and binge-watching fashion shows on YouTube for 3 full weeks now. I'm exhausted! So, I took this weekend off to gather my thoughts and here we go.
On September 7th , SON JUNG WAN debuted her luxurious Spring/Summer 2020 collection by telling the story of splendor meets retro with color, the collection highlighted the glamour of vintage wear in a modern twist. The collection featured embroidered dresses full of different layers of iridescent fabrics; a rose gold gown entwined with floral print, array of electric blue gowns, and a neon mint dress that screamed splendor. The fashion show was absolutely beautiful!

My Love for London

I arrived at Heathrow Airport on April 11th 2019 at 11:15am, at that moment I realized how much I loved and missed London.  It was 22 ago I decided to figure out the world of fashion on the other end of the globe. My city of choice London, England!
My return to London was long over due, every few years I would plan to a trip to return and then I would postpone.  But this trip was all  business which was my absolute  pleasure.  I had the chance to tour London all over again, there were so many more attractions and things to do. I was exhausted trying to schedule my 4 days wisely. The city has grown taller with high rise office buildings and condos everywhere, this was not the London I left in 1997.

The purpose for my business trip was research for the expansion of M.E.F. Productions LLC.  This expansions includes a customized  Fashion Travel Division  "aka" M.E.F. Travel Experience. My goal for M.E.F. Travel Experience is to offer my clients a premier Fashion Experiences in L…

Mint Swim Collection 2018

Designer and former reality star Draya Michele's showed her MintSwim collection on night two of Style Fashion Week during NYFW. This show was jammed packed with fashion influencers, fashionista and celebrities. In the front rows  was  La La, Fabolous, Christian & Justin Combs and Masika Kalysha, Briana Wilson, Breah Hicks  to name a few. Draya gave her audience what they can for, the collection was over the top sexy and playful with a great color story . Its always  great to see swimwear in February especially when its 28 degrees outside. 


On February 11th, Romeo Hunte New York presented the Fall/Winter 18' collection during a runway show at The Standard, High Line. The lines were long  to get in the show and its was raining, but so worth it. I was so impressed  with as  many as 29 models of African American ethnicity or decent strutted down the runway in shearling, fox furs, mixed fur with patchwork, PVC, and reversible raincoats, cropped jackets. The space was intimate but for a reason not one detail went unnoticed. The guests  300 editors, influencers , bloggers and fashionista watched this amazing parade. Romeo Hunte was one of my favorite show this season, job well done definitely a brand to watch.

Fashion Lion Dapper Dan

Dapper Dan was high fashion in the 80's every rapper,fly girl and guy had a custom jacket, short set or suit from the king of Urban Fashion. Dapper Dan born Daniel Day opened his original Harlem boutique in 1982. He sold custom-made designer clothing to celebrities such as Mike Tyson, LL Cool J and Eric B. and Rakim and pretty much every rapper for over a decade. The new Gucci store will offer made-to-order pieces designed by Dapper Dan in custom measurements. The is everything for Urban fashion, he stand a long as a designer to compete with one of the largest luxury brand and win in the end. I'm so proud of Mr. Dapper Dan, I never met him or was able to wear his custom clothing but I've always been a fan. You are truly a FASHION LION!  You make us PROUD!

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Menswear Monday: Leather Pants!

Hello Guys,
I'm back and today is Menswear Monday. This subject is a little touchy but necessary before the fall season approaches. How do you wear Leather Pants? Lol!! Yes I'm back!!
The million dollar question is why Leather Pants? Well, I can't tell you why but I can give you my opinion on how those Leather Pants should look. 
Any man who chooses to wear leather pants has his own expectation. Whether he wants to feel sexy, mucho or fashionable in his mind Leather Pants will give him that look. This is definitely a confident purchase, this guy is very sure about himself and is not afraid of what anyone thinks. We really like this guy for his boldness and confidence, he is definitely a Fashion Lion. But before I sing all his praises the look must be well thought out. Lions are known for watching and observing before they go in for the kill. These Fashion Lions Killed it!!

Fashion Lion:R&B singer Monica Brown

This Fashion Lion is for all my R&B fans, you can not talk about style and fashion without the mention of  Monica. I'm a little bit older than Monica but I feel like I grew up with her. She is always dressed in the later designer fashions, but never following trends. The one thing I admire about Monica is her sense of  style and how confident she is in her own skin. She is a Fashion Lion and role model to many and this Fashion Lion take her position seriously.

Monica is a mother of three beautiful children, wife, artist and businesswomen. When it comes to style she is always a Fashion Lion. We love Monica Brown at M.E.F. Style Report , we secretly want her to start her own apparel line! Why not?

Check out some of our favorite looks.