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Title: Look out Miami’s gathering all key ingredients for a collaborative business 2 business environment

Written by: UpRizing LLC

"Collaboration - the ultimate intertwining of skills, passions & knowledge - is what concocts the most shatterproof forms of changemaking" Ian Somerhalder

One of the things I think of, when I think of Miami is all the different restaurant optionality’s. You have all different types based on culture, and I started to notice in the restaurant business how they are starting to infuse different cultures with their dishes. In reading an article recently it featured a Miami restaurant called Balloo by owner Timon Balloo. The restaurant had theme cuisine of Chinese, Indian & Trinidadian fusion which when reading that I was thinking to myself; I need to try this place or would love to try it. Can you imagine all those different food groups or spices & how the food was taken up a notch just by infusing different cultures food & spices?! It sounded so delicious!

Unfortunately, the article was advising that this restaurant had decided to close permanently due to the stress of the pandemic & the toll it took on the restaurant industry. Which got me to thinking, how would have technology possibly saved his restaurant? What could another business in Miami helped with regarding collaboration? What if he tried partnering with a grocery store to serve dishes? Or what about serving dishes to the hospitals?

To provide an example of what I am referencing, that is more business to business related is our financial industry with banks & Fintech’s. In case you have not heard of the term FinTech this is a tech company that specializes in providing financial services or solutions that are modern. Something that the banks started doing before the pandemic to increase their product offerings & to help them along their digital transformation efforts or modernizing was partnering with FinTech’s.

Have you noticed when you go into your local branch or bank online you may see an option for Zelle? For those reading this that are unaware of what Zelle is, it is a payment platform similar to Venmo to transfer money to someone. It is an app or something you can sign up for at the bank. However, due to their collaboration & partnership the banks were able to provide a new solution to their clients & it helped a startup FinTech launch their product(s).

Instead of the banks trying to create the product themselves or realizing that doing it themselves would take a lot longer. Fintech’s on the other hand are known for their quick & innovative modern solutions. FinTech’s are also known for working collaboratively on things that need enhancing for that business.  By banks deciding to partner with another business it took the B2B space to a different level of collaboration. It allowed both businesses to succeed & provided a different layer of innovation. With more and more tech companies evolving and helping businesses in every capacity it is really a matter of which one is the best fit for your business.   


Miami has the perfect opportunity to be a big hub of collaboration. The city has the opportunity of expanding themselves to learn other cultures, industries & creative new ways of doing business. Its just a matter of being open to those opportunities and having a different mindset when it comes to business and this can go for all cities honestly. As a society we are striving for inclusion & diversity which has proven to have amazing affects on businesses & their growth or expansion. With Miami trying to become more than a touristy spot & attract different visitors to the city. It will be prime to start the B2B collaboration, with Miami having such an enriched entrepreneurial culture. This new transition or way of thinking can only help businesses expand, grow & scale for their future visions and goals.  


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