Sustainability 2020

Image result for sustainability clipart   Before we leap into 2020, let's remember 2019 for a moment. The word "Sustainability" was on every person's lips in the apparel and textile industry. The big brands struggled to survive in this B2C retail climate and new emerging brands tried to meet the new standards of “Sustainability” as a part of their business model. Consumers have become increasingly conscious about their purchases. We now know we have the power to make a difference for the people involved in the making of our clothes and goods. But we are even more concern with the materials used to make our clothes and goods and how it effects our planet. 

Quite a few sustainability initiatives were announced in 2020. Brands, retailers and manufacturers want to operate their  businesses more responsibly. Let's see if 2020 we can really make a change for humanity and our planet. Everyone can do something this decade; we need everyone to give a DAMN! Please support the brands that care about you and the planet. I have a short list of brands with a sustainability initiatives, please research before you buy. Think like a Fashion Lion!


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