Men's Wear Monday" A little African in your Wardrobe?

African Fashions has been on fire for the last 10 years ! More and more fashion houses are being inspired by African fabrics and tribal prints. I'm African so I appreciate all the love for African fashion.

Growing up my dad and uncles would wear their African attire to weddings, church and family functions ,so seeing men in African clothes isn't new to me . But to see the entire world rocking African fabrics in traditional and modern style gives me "Fashion Joy!"  

For men, I personally like accent pieces to spice up your wardrobe. I can appreciate a full on African look from head to toe ,but only if you are that guy! But if you are not start out slow. Start with a tie, pocket square, then go into a button down shirt or a blazer all in moderation . Pants if you are that bold, but have fun. One thing I love about African men is their confidence! Colors & patterns are not an issue for African men it's all about looking good!


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